Before the high-octane Ajax vs Feyenoord Eredivisie showdown at the Johan Cruyff Arena on Sunday, March 20, a fire broke out in one of the stands.

According to reports, the fire was ignited by a flare thrown by one of the supporters. As players were on the field, a home team banner caught fire, and heavy black smoke emerged behind one of the goals.

The match was delayed as a result of the accident, and despite the fact that the stand was crowded, no one was injured. The game was finally won by Ajax, 3-2.

The incident began when numerous flares were fired off near the pitch as part of a pyrotechnic show. It’s unclear whether this was done on purpose by Ajax or by the fans.

When the flares went out, there was an unintentional fire and considerable smoke coming from the bottom of the stand.

It looks like one or more of the fireworks hit a flag, which fueled the flames. The fire was put out, but not before a large amount of smoke filled the area.

Later, the game at the Amsterdam Arena began. The game, known as De Klassieker, is one of the most important in Dutch football. It is not a derby because Ajax is headquartered in Amsterdam and Feyenoord is based in Rotterdam.

Ajax is often regarded as the most powerful club in the Netherlands and Feyenoord are undoubtedly the country’s second-largest club,

If we had to compare, this can be equivalent to the United-Liverpool clash of England!

And as far as the match goes, Ajax came out on top via a late winner!

Here is the story of the match!

Ajax came into the game after being eliminated from the Champions League by Benfica. Their sluggish start allowed Feyenoord to take the lead in the eighth minute.

Luis Sinisterra gave the third-placed team the lead, forcing Ajax to step up their attempts in order to equalise. The hosts tied the game in the 24th minute but conceded another goal four minutes later.

Feyenoord defended their lead with considerably more defensive integrity this time, particularly after the intermission. The persistent pressure applied by Ajax simply created possibilities for their opponents to counter-attack.

The hosts, on the other hand, ultimately got what they wanted in the 78th minute. Dusan Tadic scored another key goal for Erik Ten Hag’s team, as he has done in recent games for Ajax.

After escaping defeat, Ajax pressed hard in the final ten minutes to secure the match-winner. Their assaults ultimately paid off in the 86th minute, when Antony converted Nicolas Tagliafico’s pass to make it 3-2 for the hosts.

In the 94th minute, the Brazilian received his second yellow card of the night. However, it was too late for Feyenoord to re-enter the game against their ten-man opponents.