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A big fan of the Eredivisie? Want to know everything tactical that you can possibly know regarding everything Dutch football? Of course you do, otherwise you would not be here, would you?

Eredivisie Analysis aims to do exactly what our website name infers; providing you with the very best analytical-based articles from the Netherlands’ top-flight division.

Teams like Ajax and PSV Eindhoven deserve a bigger platform when it comes to the online content world, whilst clubs like FC Twente and Vitesse Arnhem should also get the same treatment as well, as the Eredivisie boasts some of the most exciting talent in Europe.

We offer you, our readers, the very best in the form of the latest news and opinions that involve Dutch football, whilst striving to be different to any of the traditional media outlets by giving you an in-depth analytical approach.

We do not stop there, though. As we all love the tactical aspect of the game and find it a lot more interesting than the normal rumour, we strive to bring you top-quality analytical match analysis of all the Eredivisie teams, therefore giving you the chance to look out for a number of things before a particular match week.

Once that match week is over, the scrutiny does not stop, as our authors go over the action and look to help provide you with an understanding as to why a certain moment happened within a game, or look to point out just how well one side was set-up tactically to come away with a positive result.

With that in mind, our writers will regularly produce in-depth analytical scout reports about individuals throughout the season in our player analysis features, aiming to give you a new outlook on what a player brings to the team besides the things that can normally be provided in a stats column.

Our authors will also place the league’s head coaches under the magnifying glass as well, therefore providing you with complete coverage of all things Dutch football.

Interested in contributing to Eredivisie Analysis with some of the highest analytical pieces that the league deserves? Then why not come and join us by applying to write for us and getting your opinions and views heard by our large audience of readers!

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